Friday, September 26, 2008

Galileo's Law of Falling Objects

When I look at the headlines I'm speechless. What is there to say about a collapse of this magnitude? A divided and disoriented government staggers and stumbles like a steer that's been hit a glancing blow with the death hammer.

I went to my bank's depositors' website today; the new owners greeted me warmly and assured me that it's safe to keep the money I live on from day to day flowing into my WaMu account via direct deposit -- the ghost of John Pierpont Morgan calmly telling me I'll still be able to buy bread and eggs and oranges in October. It's good enough for today.

Is there an upside to this mess? Maybe.

This may be the end of Pentagonia. The Empire is falling fast, and assuming that Galileo's law of falling objects, is as applicable to the social as it is to the physical sphere, it's falling a greater distance every day than it did six, twelve, or 36 months ago. If our mindless, destructive, and expensive project of ruling the world is truly at an end, there may be a glimmer of hope for both our economic survival and our democracy...

Scholars still debate the significance of economic factors in the collapse of the Roman Empire, with some arguing that the ancient giant was prosperous right until the very end. In the case of the American Empire, no such debate will ever occur.

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Joe said...

There seems to be a pattern concerning Cheney meeting with oil execs, 911 just happening to blindside us, and Hank Paulson the former head of Goldman Sachs presiding over a meltdown of the credit market. The inmates are running the asylum but no one seems to care.