Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Last Laugh

Cuba has oil, and they have a lot of it. More than was previously thought -- about 20 billion barrels, all in offshore deposits.

This puts them in the big leagues and changes their economic picture, which has been woeful since the revolution, especially after the Soviet Union fell and Cuba's only reliable source of hard cash along with it.

As Atrios says, "We'd better invade them before they attack Israel."

But there will be no invading of Cuba nor anybody else, not even for fun. There's no more money for that kind of thing.

For poor old Fidel, what's happening must be the last laugh. Cuba is suddenly wealthy, and the U.S. Empire is falling because there's no money for Uncle Sam to continue trying to rule the world. Maybe Fidel will even find the strength to rise up out of his deathbed and make one last five-hour speech about these things.


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