Monday, October 27, 2008

Port Ludlow, WA

I arrived home yesterday. At last.

The weather was great all the way from Desert Hot Springs to here, and it still is. It's about 40 degrees this morning, with the sun just starting to come out.

During the drive north, once out of the desert the traveler can't help but be struck by the beauty of the trees this time of year. The evergreens are as green as ever, of course, but the deciduous trees, from Sacramento, all the way through Northern California's mountains, Oregon, and Washington are brilliant gold, flaming red, or Halloween orange. They contrast dramatically with and punctuate the more sedate firs and pines among which they are interspersed.

I stopped in Northern Oregon to see my old guitar-playing buddy, David H., whom I had not seen in over 35 years. He's a family man now, and grown quite conservative in his habits, but is still an outstanding guitar player, and I took advantage of the renewed association to spend about six hours playing guitar and singing with him night before last.

Dave and I actually struck the first notes of a new life, for I haven't played guitar or sung for more than ten minutes at a time, about once a month, for the last three years.

I'll spend today doing pretty much what I'll be doing from now on: driving errands, food shopping, cooking, and whatever else needs to be done around the house. Life is sweet, slow, and easy.



Sator Arepo said...

"Sweet, slow and easy"

Ah, I envy you, brother.

Be well, and good luck with the new digs,


Anonymous said...

Dave, email me yor address and I'll send you a CD of the sound-recording we made.

Enjoyed having you visit.


"I'm a genius too, Brian" ~ Murry Wilson