Wednesday, June 30, 2010

tweety tweet

ZOMG Chris Matthews said something I agree with. Something, in fact, that I really agree with real hard.

Here's what Tweety said on the Huffington Post:

If you're looking for good news, I have one suggestion. Stop listening to Europe, stop listening to the conservatives, do what has worked in the past.

What got us out of the Great Depression was production: massive industrial production to support the allies in World War Two.

We need production for this country now. We need to build rapid rail to catch up to those allies from World War Two. France has the TGV. China is building its rapid rail system. It's time we joined the movement. We need to go back to the future and become a country that builds things. It'll create jobs. It'll catch us up to the rest of the world. It'll cut our reliance on oil. It'll give us hope you can believe in.

That's the right idea very well put (I think this guy is easier to read than watch). I would only add that while we're at it, we should get the construction crews out, put some of those unemployed construction workers back to work, and reconfigure about half our cities' streets to obstruct auto traffic and encourage bicycles, walking, skateboarding, in-line skating, and so forth, as the Netherlands has done.

The war is at home, not in Afghanistan. It's a two-front war on unemployment and irrational energy choices; reconstructing a rail system and discouraging driving are essential components of it.

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