Wednesday, July 28, 2010

coming soon: judgment day

Evangelical fundamentalist Christian minister Tim LaHaye says Obama's "raw socialism" is bringing this country closer to the apocalypse.

He said so appearing as a guest on Mike Huckabee's TV talk show.

He should be happy about that, right? I mean, he and his will do OK on that day, according to the blueprint he's working from.

But he doesn't sound too pleased about it.

Story at Huffington Post.

Oil painting, "The Last Judgment," by Hieronymus Bosch; Flemish, 15th century. Click on the image for a larger view.

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DPirate said...

He's not a christian zionist, just a misled christian. Obama may very well be a socialist, to Mr. Lahaye, and, according to modern protestant dogma, US policy is certainly effecting the apocalypse of John's revelation.

A christian zionist is misled into thinking he is doing God's work by furthering the world toward the tribulation, etc, and believes that since God has fore-ordained it, then participation is according to God's will. Seems really dumb to me, since it is because of this stuff that God decides to destroy us again.

Mr. Lahaye apparently hasn't fallen into that trap. He does seem to have decided that Jesus (and hence God, again according to the dogma), is not a socialist. This, too, is crazy. Christianity says that man is saved only by grace of God (mercy). So, God gives to the undeserving, like any good socialist.