Thursday, July 22, 2010

of mice and weasels

I'm sitting here in the Edmonds Senior Center between classes watching the ferry boats sailing into the dock, filling up with cars and trucks, and then gracefully re-launching onto the gentle ripples of the Puget Sound, headed for Kingston.

I suppose I could say something about L'Affaire Sherrod, but too many people have said too much about it already. It seems everybody weighed in on this one, first before they knew what they were talking about, then in the aftermath to register their mea culpas.

When the Sherrod story first broke I ignored it. It seemed to me that it came up over the horizon so fast that there had to be more to come. And there certainly was.


The U.S. Senate voted 59-39 yesterday to restore unemployment benefits to the millions who have been out of work for more than six months. The measure includes retroactive payments for the 2.5 million people whose benefits expired after June 2, when Senate Republicans and Senator Ben D. Nelson of Nebraska began stonewalling this crucial legislation. The "D" is for "Dover."


The first time I shot rats in my back yard with my new AK-47, it added a whole new dimension to my life, and I realized what my hapless, mundane existence had been missing.

I killed three rats and also accidentally puréed the cat. But I never liked that cat very much anyway.

Plus, it's been very quiet in the yards of my back-fence neighbors since then.

Thou shalt not restrict the right of the people to possess and use firearms. It's right there in the 12 Commandments, which were handed down to Moses on Mt. Cyanide by God himself.

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