Sunday, August 01, 2010

get it together

Can we talk? About human waste, I mean.

It's a bigger deal than most realize. Freeing ourselves from chemical fertilizers is a major part of ending our enslavement to the oil corporations. The humble honey-bucket will help immensely with this.

We really need to get our shit together.

Mud houses, sculpted and free of straight lines and right angles, made out of the earth itself, and composting toilets -- I'm convinced this is the future.

Take a look.

The Romans invented concrete and professional sports spectacles. Those were their contributions to civilization, such as it is, but now it's time to say "Good-Bye to All That."

I've never been to Stoke-on-Kent, where I hear concrete is all you see. Not a tree to be found, but I should like to go one time. There is some great graffiti to see in England. Banksy is there, celebrating the decline of the industrial age.

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