Thursday, October 21, 2010

gym time

As winter sets in tomorrow (today was the transition day) Seattleites will stock up on vitamin D and mothball their bicycles, knowing they may not see the sun again for six months or so. This winter will be a challenge for me because I've made the recent discovery of how important cardiovascular exercise is, and don't want to stop my daily heart-lung workout just because the bike is hibernating.

I may have to do something radical, like joining a gym. It would be strictly for the treadmill and stair-steppers, and I'd do about an hour a day.

The benefits of fredquent, vigorous cardio exercise, besides its strengthening of the heart and respiratory system, are apparent to everyone who does it, and include:

*Improvement in skin tone and color;

*Increased muscle tone and firmness, which improves one's appearance;

*Increased strength, including the strength of the immune system;

*Drug-free mood elevation, partly due to increased energy.

Add to that list the fact that there are no negative effects of a moderate-to-intense cardio workout (intensity will vary according to personal preference and physical capacity), and there's no reason not to do it regularly, unless of course it's cold and wet outside.

So for most of the next few months, it'll be good-bye mountain bike, hello treadmill.

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Joe said...

Maybe set up a pedal generator that provides exercise and operates an electric room heater at the same time.