Wednesday, November 03, 2010

missile anius

an election pome

I believe...4 every drop of rain that falls, a raindrop falls.

I believe I'll go out 2 nite and get my ashes hauled.

I believe, with voters polled, alas, a Boehner.

I believe if U R Mexican, U should steer clear of Arizoner.

I believe all T partiers are icky and gross.

I believe right now Barack Obama smells like burnt toast.

taylor swift doesn't like him either

Former President George W. Bush says he resents the things Kanye West said about him on TV during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

that ball had eyes as it went thru the infield.

Patty Murray was clinging tightly 2 a slender margin last time I checked.

That slender margin had her fingerprints all over it.

Meanwhile, Dino Rossi is falling apart like a cardboard box in the rain, looking for all the world like a cardboard box who has seen 2 much and forgotten nothing.

3 expensive races into which he sank quite a bit of his own money and three losses is what he's seen. And right now would not be 2 good a time 2 go back into real estate.

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