Saturday, September 24, 2011

mittens fever

Yowzer, yowzer. Fact is if you don't have "MITTENS FEVER" you are not with it nor trendy nor in with the in crowd.

I didn't see any of it but I heard that Willard pretty much made a mess of that new gunslinger out of Texas the other night on the show "American Gladiators: the Debates©" (brought to you by scorpy-Os™ Cereal and Guillotine™ disposable razors).

And now comes Gail Collins in the Enna Wy Times saying things like "Gloom pervades the land. Some people believe it’s the economy. Others blame the weather. I think it’s because the country is gradually coming to grips with the fact that Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee for president.

"It is a scientific fact. Every minute, somewhere in America, another citizen realizes that Mitt is going to be in our face for the next 14 months. Conceivably for the next nine years. Children now in third grade might graduate from high school without ever experiencing a totally Romney-free day."

So now it's official 'cause it's in the N.Y. Times: We'll have Romney for the next nine years if his face doesn't fall off.

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