Wednesday, September 28, 2011

revolution in its various forms

When people think of revolution, what comes to mind are barricades, armed masses, and violent seizures of power. Almost needless to say, that's not happening now, and it ain't gonna.

There are many other kinds of revolution besides that.

Refusing to watch television can be a revolutionary act, as can not owning a car.

Organic home gardening is revolutionary. Practicing yoga for transformation is too.

Vegetarianism is revolutionary. So is abjuring consumerism, since revolution is as much about personal transformation as transforming the social and political landscape.

Ultimately, of course, nonviolent revolution is about large masses of ordinary people using the collective weight of their bodies to shut down the machinery of oppression and corruption.

Gandhi addressed the differences between violent and nonviolent revolution, saying the former aims at seizing power, while the goal of the latter is to transform social relationships. Once social relationships are altered, power begins to shift.

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