Wednesday, October 26, 2011

clicka clicka whirr whirr

The biggest problem the Romney thing will have with getting elected is that it's not human. Everybody made a big deal about electing a black president or a woman president, but are we ready for a robotic, non-human president?

Every time a reporter asks the Romney thing a question, there's a momentary pause as the gears mesh and the answer, statistically engineered to please the largest and offend the smallest numbers of voters, issues from the thing's "mouth" with a kind of burry, raspy, mechanically articulated sound meant to approximate the human voice.

As with its sound, so with its look, and the Romney thing does have the superficial look of a clothes-wearing hominid, though it appears to be suffering from anxieties so extreme that its face is about to fall off. That will never happen, though, because if it did the voters would see the solid-state electronics behind that carefully-configured, handsome "face."

This is the true source of the Romney thing's "electability problem" -- that most voters deep down suspect what it really is, and are aware on some level of what it's really not.

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