Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Tanks

Good morning, all you liberal couch potatoes and rightwing turkeys. As we celebrate the 223rd year of our glorious republic on this another Thanksgiving, here's something to feel thankful for.

When the Republicans convene in Tampa this coming summer to beat their breasts and flap their wings and choose a sacrificial victim for Barack Obama to put on the chopping block a year from now, they'll be protected from the insults and odors of the dirty, nasty, turdy, shitten 99 percenters by the Tampa Police Dept's very own tank!

The militarization of US police forces in anticipation of the social unrest sure to accompany next year's presidential election is now nearly complete, but somehow, in this time of austerity and social security cuts and nonexistent health insurance for citizens, there still seems to be plenty of Dept of "Homeland Security" money available to transform your local version of Andy and Barney into a combat platoon, capable of fending off the terrorists who espouse dangerous and subversive ideas, such as democracy.

Just one problem here: why doesn't this tank have a cannon? How do you expect to splode hippies without sploding artillery shells?

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WhitneyT said...

Whoa! A tank? In Florida? This is getting scary. LadyPamela