Monday, November 28, 2011


I'm sitting at home in my apartment in Greenwood idly wondering about the extent to which psychology affects physical well-being. Specifically, I'm wondering whether thinking of oneself as small, weak, insignificant, and/or a loser can lead through poor lifestyle choices to precisely the kinds of diseases and conditions I've suffered in the past.

It's amazing how simply most of those diseases and conditions can be remedied or neutralized, and even more amazing how strenuously we resist making those few, simple changes necessary for us to start feeling better, almost as if we're resisting surrendering a not-so-helpful self-image.

I'm just thankful as I sit here this afternoon watching the hours spool away that I at last got to find out what a healthy animal feels like. I wish I'd found out sooner, but at the time I had an identity to protect.

Better late than never.


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Joe said...

Dave, I've come to realize that rest and relaxation is the most important, followed by diet, then by exercise.