Tuesday, November 08, 2011

the kids

If nothing else, the 99 percent movement has succeeded in shifting the national conversation from obsessing over the phony "debt crisis" to our real problems -- income inequality, the drying up of decent-paying jobs, and the fact that there are now over 49 million Americans living in poverty.

The chattering classes on the cable news networks are now forced to play catch-up with the national conversation actually occurring in people's living rooms rather than taking their cues from Republican spewers of "free" market propaganda.

Thank God for the kids who are out there in the streets putting their bodies on the line, getting arrested (over 3,300 so far), getting their faces pushed into the pavement, and getting shot with rubber bullets. They've gone to ground now, like Washington at Valley Forge, but will return in the spring redoubled in numbers and energy, and I hope to be with them.

They're just naive enough to believe they have the power to fundamentally change things. And you're naive if you think God favors those who aren't.

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