Monday, December 12, 2011

all things nute

Over at that tired old advertising platform BNet there's a hot poltical thread going that asks whether Newt is a "friend or enemy" of the Constitution. I'd provide a link, but if you're piloting one of Bill G's Microsoft™ computers, I'm sure you don't want all those cookies and other web detritus that site will load onto your machine.

Anyhow, One correspondent went so far as to accuse Newt of wishing the Constitution would die.

Wow. And here I thought he just wanted his second wife to die.

The Constitution too? Oh well, I didn't like him anyway.

Everyone wants to know, is Newt Gingrich a friend or an enemy of the Constitution? Or maybe just a casual acquaintance? Does he revere it, or treat it like some chick he just diddled?

He may or may not be a "friend" to the Constitution, but if nominated and godhelpus elected he wil be an enema to the nation.

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