Saturday, December 17, 2011


Last week when I went to the co-op to buy my month's supply of pot, there was a bunch of people there I hadn't seen before. Everyone was uptight and paranoid, and in the room where the *medicine* is dispensed, in addition to my regular dispenser there was a small, roundish guy in a baseball hat who looked like a cop, looking at my patient profile on a computer screen. I was tempted to ask this dopovitch how things are hanging among the swinging schmucks of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Even though I resisted the temptation, the experience was strained and uncomfortable. What the hell is going on?

Apparently Barack Obama has ordered his Department of Justice to demolish the medical marijuana industry. The evidence for this contention is all circumstantial, because the prez has made no statement nor issued any "smoking gun" document. Apparently he's not satisfied with having become our first black fascist president, and is now determined to establish his credentials as a petty tyrant capable of earning the contempt and hatred of even the apolitical.

We know this is happening because dispensaries all over the west coast, from San Diego to Seattle are either busted out of business or feeling the heat.

We voted on this. The will of the people on the issue is clear and unmistakable.

I'm going to get myself invited to a cabinet meeting in the White House, and volunteer to serve refreshments.

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