Sunday, December 11, 2011

bomb bomb bomb bomb iran

From grunts I'm hearing in the echo chamber at BNet, it seems to me some of the clowns and sociopaths among the Republicans, the ones who style themselves "presidential candidates," are still mumbling about nuking the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Well, Pilgrim, we wouldn't have to nukem. Maybe we could just invadem.

That's what we did to that Stalinist dictator who murdered his own people, Saddam Hussein, when he threatened us -- invaded'im, and confiscated his balsa wood drones, his aluminum tubes, and his missile with a range of 150 miles that he was threatening us with.

And if Iran doesn't pan out as a target, there's always that other nuclear threat, Kim Jong II over there in North Korea. He's actually got a nuke, and he's working on an intercontinental missile to deliver it with, although his last missile he tested crashed in the Sea of Japan, and when that happens what you've got is not an intercontinental missile. In my old neighborhood we called that "a bottle rocket."

But you know how it is. When you're in the war business you can't just wait for opportunity to knock; you have to go looking for it.

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