Tuesday, December 06, 2011

kill for peace

I just can't get over the post office story (see below), which encapsulates an awful lot that's wrong wih us nowadays, and I think I've hit on a way to come up with the money.

We could raise first-class postage, or we could require the "Defense" Department to show a profit from its "offshore operations." It's only fair that what's demanded from the post office also apply to the Pentagon.

By robbing and pillaging conquered territory, and laying tribute obligations on all the nations our noble empire conquers, like the Assyrians and Romans did back in the day, the Pentagon could go from a money-loser to a real money-maker. Their profit$ could go to subsidize the post office so we wouldn't have to raise postal rates for little old ladies who still write checks to pay their bills.

I realize we haven't conquered anyone except Grenada and Nicaragua in over 60 years, but I'm just saying...

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