Tuesday, December 27, 2011

life in the key of b♭

Got up this morning with my ugly face on. It was worse than ugly, actually. Hopeless is more like it.

After a couple hours of that I accidentally took a double dose of my a.m. medication. I thought one pill got away from me, but now I'm thinking it fell into my coffee cup, never to be seen again even though it was consumed along with a second pill. Honest mistake.

Within a matter of minutes, despair was banished, and I went from b♭ to b#. It's disconcerting to think that emotions as messy and destructive as that can be dispelled by a pinch of pale yellow powder, but there it is. I'm learning that some kinds of brain degeneration have emotional as well as physical symptoms.

I'm following up my morning with a generous helping of medicated banana bread, the world's most delicious anti-depressant. Yum yum.

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