Monday, December 19, 2011

ruptured ducksauce

On the Facebook page called "Stop the Machine! Create a New World!" which is put up by some of the people from, today's post reads:

Sunday a group from Occupy Washington DC and Occupy DC went on a march against NDAA (the National Defense Authorization Act) to the White House. We knew we would not be able to be on the side walk in front of the White House so we were told to get to the street. Before we moved to the street police tape was all around us. We have protested many times in the street in front of the White House. But for some reason we were moved completely across the street and taped off. We counted 8 snipers with guns aimed at us and the largest police presence i have seen since October. We had two arrest but they are safe and back at camp.
NDAA is a serious sign of were we are headed. People need to stand up against this bill. Consider NDAA when its time to vote this year. The lesser of two evils IS NOT the answer anymore.

Eight snipers were necessary to deal with this band of raggedy protesters! I guess our rulers are feeling pretty threatened.

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