Thursday, December 22, 2011

space junk

"On Christmas Eve," said Norad, "A soviet Sputnik hit Africa,
India, Venezuela, Texass,Kansass,
It's coming fast -- Peru too -- It keeps coming..."

And now I'm mad about Space Junk
I'm all burned out about Space Junk
Ooh walk and talk about Space Junk
It smashed my baby's head, and now my Sally's dead.

"Space Junk"

It's coming fast -- Namibia too -- it keeps coming.

This is a pretty good-sized thing from outer space, a little over 3-1/2 feet around and 14 inches in diameter. Nobody knows whose it is or why it was orbiting because it's now a hollow ball. Maybe it always was. Also according to the Associated Press report, the ball is made of a "metal alloy known to man" and weighs 13 pounds.

And the warnings of the prophets have come to pass.

So why are we bailing out banks and warring in Afghanistan when there's space junk raining down upon us?

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