Sunday, December 04, 2011

warm fuzzies

This morning was given over to the garden. We bundled up and went out into the cold sunshine to tear out the dead tomato vines and green bean bushes, which went on the compost heap. We pulled all the live weeds too, but they don't go into the compost because they'd propagate there, so we simply piled them up by themselves in a corner of the yard. where they'll turn into goo.

We dumped the rich dirt from the tomato buckets onto the nude garden, then Shery began shoveling freshly-brewed topsoil out of the bottom of the compost heap while I raked it into the garden. We topped it with a layer of corrugated cardboard weighted down with bricks, and the raised bed is now in repose till spring.

After warming up we went shopping for the day's food, and at the local supermarket found some fresh rockfish flown down from British Columbia and priced very reasonably. So tonight's menu is rockfish breaded and sautéed quickly (medium heat, two minutes each side, covered) steamed broccoli, and baked delicata squash. Yum yum.

It's lovely living over here in the enchanted forest, learning about the magic of compost and where rockfish comes from.

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