Saturday, January 28, 2012

the candidate

Dr. Jill Stein is a Boston physician now running for president as the nominee of the Green Party.

She recently gave the Greens' answer to Obama's State of the Union speech. It's as long as the original and quite detailed. Here are some pertinent out-takes.

To be clear: the greed for record profits is what got us into this mess in the first place. Of course it wasn’t greed alone. It was the capture of both political parties by Wall Street and other powerful corporations that buy influence with campaign contributions and lobbyists. Using this routine currency of American policy making, Democrats and Republicans alike dismantled protections against waste, fraud and abuse by Wall Street.* This bipartisan cooperation enabled greed to crash the economy.

… That not only killed jobs, it also depressed tax revenues – which has been one of the biggest drivers of the federal deficit. That deficit has also been made worse by unconscionable spending choices: notably the 4 trillion dollars spent on the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and trillions more spent on the bloated Pentagon budget, tax giveaways for the wealthy, and bailouts for Wall Street.

All of this adds up to the ongoing crisis we face – the cumulative result of many years – decades – of policies under both Democratic and Republican presidents that enrich the few while exploiting the many.

The political establishment is telling us there’s little we can do to change our direction. I don’t believe it and I suspect you don’t either.

It's time for those who have eyes to see with to turn away from the Demolicans and Republicrats, and unite behind a candidate who a) isn't insane, b) is uncorrupted, and c) doesn't double-talk. Jill Stein satisfies those criteria and has my vote.

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