Monday, January 30, 2012


I've been thinking about the history of past presidential elections, and one stands out as possibly telling us where we are, in light of our present political meltdown and systemic dysfunction. The Wikipedia article on the election of 1852 says in part:

(The Democrats) went on to win what was at the time one of the nation's largest electoral victories, trouncing (the Whigs) 254 electoral votes to 42. After the 1852 election the Whig Party quickly collapsed, and the members of the declining party failed to nominate a candidate for the next presidential race; it was soon replaced as the Democratic Party's primary opposition by the new Republican Party.

After Obama and the Democrats make barbecued pork chops out of whatever candidate the Republicans finally pick to haul their road apples in the fall election, the Greens might not be a third party for much longer. And if not the Greens, then some other entity will need to step forward to fill the power vacuum created by the collapse of the GOP.

The Whigs never really stood for anything, and so fell apart under the pressure of the country's need to deal with slavery. The Democrats split into two regional factions under the pressure, and the new party, the Republicans, opposed to the spread of slavery and slavocracy, quickly ascended to the majority.

The Republicans still stand for something, but unfortunately for them, what they stand for has degenerated into a mess of heavy bullshit, and in their choice of standard-bearers they've become self-destructive, so much so they may not answer the bell for 2016.

The American political configuration was re-made in the 1850's due to the political establishment's inability to deal with slavery, and the country's and society's need to deal with it. Today we need to deal with misallocation of resources and maldistribution of wealth. The Democrats, like their 1850's ancestors, are split by the issue, and the Republicans have nothing constructive to offer. They're going out on the tide.

Drawing: "lunacy of insomniacs" by neogothic-jam.

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