Thursday, January 26, 2012

evil nasty sinister george soros

Soros is a billionaire investor with uncharacteristically leftist political leanings. He funds a lot of causes like the ACLU, and it's probably no exaggeration to say that some leftish landmarks, such as San Francisco's Tides Foundation and the website Media Matters, wouldn't exist without him.

This, of course, makes him the Devil incarnate among the wingnuteratti, periodically stirred into major Soros hissies, the most recent detonated by a Newsweek interview in which Soros calls attention to the depth of the global economic crisis now under way, and the social unrest and violence that would result from a collapse of the Euro.

These somewhat-less-than Luciferian predictions are the source of the current spasm of Sorosphobia in the noise machine. Echoing the miniskirt Mussolinis at the Foxist News Network, one correspondent at BNet (PC users: be cautious opening the link) maintains "that GC is a truly evil, sociopathic person...that his life story and his current glee at the thought of the world in ruins, which he can make a buck on, is a testament to what I say."

And Dr. Evil himself, the geriatric boogeyman mothers scare their daughters with ("George Soros will get you!") has now committed what for right-wingers is the ultimate political blasphemy, saying there's not much difference between Obama and Romney.

That sounds an awful lot like what I and others among the leftish blogs have been saying. Crumbs! Does this mean we're evil, nasty people, like Satan incarnate Geo. Soros?

Now the evil Mr. Soros is apprehensive about what he calls "extremist conservative" types like Cardinal Senator Sanatorium, you know, that sweater-vest guy who thinks nobody should ever use Trojans, but then he says, "If it’s between Obama and Romney, there isn’t all that much difference except for the crowd that they bring with them.”

In reality, if I can broach that delicate subject, the evil Dr. Soros is a quite aged guy who doesn't look very well. Knowing that his time is drawing near, I believe he'd really like to see some substantial changes in the way the world runs, and is doing what he can to see that it happens. He's not a lot different from the occupiers who rattled Wall Street, got pepper sprayed, and got arrested at the Brooklyn Bridge. Just a hell of a lot richer.

He's sort of like Rupert Murdoch would be if he had human DNA.

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