Monday, January 23, 2012


I'm sure that by now everybody knows the Democrats want to force us all to watch black and white TV...and "use sandpaper for toilet paper," says Atrios, "and bring back New Coke!"

Then he adds for emphasis, Of all of the recent mostly pointless wingnuttery, the lightbulb fixation has been the most amusing/bemusing. Boy, ain't that the truth?

He also includes linkage to the Media Matters story whence this is derived.

...the efficiency standards...have been met with outrage from conservative media who spent the last year claiming that they infringe on consumer "freedom of choice." Led by Fox News, right-wing media outlets have repeatedly told consumers that the standards would "ban" incandescent bulbs and force us all to purchase "mercury-laden, ugly and smelly compact fluorescent light bulbs," to the chagrin of electrical manufacturers. Fox has even gone so far as to encourage consumers to "hoard" the old, inefficient bulbs.

So, you didn't know that compact fluorescent bulbs are a socialist plot? Well now you know.

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