Thursday, January 19, 2012

armchair quarterbacks

The Los Angeles Times calling Seattle residents "snow wimps" makes one wish that the City of Angels could be lucky enough to get half an inch or so. That way Angelinos could show us how it's done.


So far the only negative outcome of the storm Catboxette and I have experienced is cabin fever. Yesterday our favorite cafe, Farm's Reach, was closed due to frozen pipes.

However, it's going to get tougher when the rain comes and the branches of all the trees in the Enchanted Forest begin to bend and break under the weight of the wet snow. Power outages will become a near-certainty then. It'll be a miracle if we escape unscathed.

It's still snowing here, but Seattle is having an ice storm right now and the governor has declared a state of emergency. This isn't going to go away as soon as we thought.

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