Saturday, January 21, 2012

mittens 4 eva

Is there nothing else happening in this world? Do we have to be subjected ad infinitum to this un-story, this tale of a robot-oaf and his ham-handed attempts to get people to like him?

How "weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable" must seem all the events of this economically depressed world, if the Times and the Post and the Wall Street Yurnal and all this great republic's cable news networks from sea to shining sea can find nothing more interesting to jabber about than Mittens's ordeal, his agonies, and his ecstasies.

The story right now is that the anticipated Mittens victory in South Carolina and his subsequent wrap-up of the nomination is being re-evaluated, and that our media friends will be able to extract even more horse-race hysteria and more of the torture of incessant monotony out of their reality TV show, "The Great Republican Clusterschnazzle," now at 17 debates and counting.

And now it's Mitt...and now, it's NotMitt again this morning...Oh, Jeeziz, the Rehooliganz are all going to plotz!

Ah, the drama. The DRAMA of it all arouses emotions in me I've never felt before he said as he barfed copiously up his sleeve.

Really, this is about the third time Mittens has come close to putting it away, then there's a glitch in the polls or he gets PMS or something and then falls apart like the Seahawks in the fourth quarter.

Whatever gave a guy as tentative and unsure of himself as Mittens the idea that he's qualified to be preznit? His current stumble seems largely due to his blowing a simple tax-return release -- something that's standard operating procedure, but Mittens has managed to dick around and screw around with it, calling attention to it until his taxes and his disproportionate wealth become a .45-calibre issue pointed at his head and about to discharge.

Do we really even want to consider putting somebody able to blow a simple move like that one in the White House? He's even less qualified than the present current occupant, old What'shisname.

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Joe said...

i hope your electricity stays on