Sunday, January 22, 2012

not this year

Barack Obama is not an acceptable candidate, and I won't vote for him because he hasn't done anything to address or even acknowledge the ongoing crises that prevent the US government and American society from functioning in a civilized way.

These include the regime of corruption and payoffs under which the political system operates. Corruption is both a result and a cause of the massive wealth inequality under which the majority of us suffers grevously.

Likewise, he has done nothing to loosen the grip of the war machine on our public treasury, our culture, or our reputation abroad. He has increased levels of spying and the potential for the security state's illegal mischief against citizens to levels unknown even under the fascist regime of Bush and Cheney.

I can't vote for Obama because the continuation of his presidency is incompatible with government and society. So Obama must go.

But the thought of replacing him with any of the grotesques the Republicans are attempting to sell is inconceivable, whether you consider the semi-human, semi-conscious "corporations are people too" stance of the billionaire Romney, the sexual phobias verging on true insanity of Santorum, or the calculated rage of Gingrich, a person who became an animal living entirely by instinct. If we had opposed King George III with material like this we'd still be living under Queen Elizabeth today.

Obama is not the "lesser of two evils;" he's just another part of the problem. "Lesser of two evils" thinking perpetuates the problems, and do we want to perpetuate this mess, or solve it?

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Joe said...

From what I can see, Obama wants to cut the military budget a lot, possibly more than the Republican candidates, except Ron Paul, who is both ahead of and behind his time. It's the behind part that might hurt us the most.