Tuesday, January 24, 2012

pax hoax

Obama's massive, aggressive slashing of the "defense" budget may be seen by the Islamofascists as an invitation to attack us. We're down to only 11 aircraft carriers!

The United States will not cut America's fleet of 11 aircraft carriers to help trim the budget deficit, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Saturday, citing tensions with Iran as an example of why the massive ships are so critical to national security.

I couldn't help but notice that Secretary Panetta neglected to mention how many aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines those terrorist Iranians have. But why confuse the issue with statistics, or for that matter, reality? We've got a script to read, and it says right here that Iran is an Islamofascist terrorist country and that they also don't like us or Israel. And they're going to pay for it!

And also, because they may threaten us someday with bombs they don't have yet.

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