Wednesday, January 25, 2012

poster boys

All the Republican candidates are poster boys for something.

Senator Sanatorium is the poster boy for birth control, for example. Use Trojans or this could happen to you. Do you want a grown son wearing a sweater vest?

And Romney, thanks to his worst-of-all-possible way to release his tax information, is now the poster boy for wealth inequality and the unbridled greed of the .01%.

By stalling for so long, he drew more and more attention to the issue. By the time he released the thing it had become major news. Having put himself in the spotlight, he became the image people have in mind when they talk about systemic abuses.

There are several ways a person can handle being filthy rich. One would be the way Warren Buffet has called attention to the basic injustice of wealth distrubution via the inequities of the tax code. Romney chose not to go that route.

Paul Krugman wrote of Romney's taxes today:

...(T)he point here is not that Romney did something wrong by paying the low rates current tax law lavishes on people like him. It is, instead, that in an election campaign that will be in part about issues of inequality, the likely GOP candidate is a living, breathing, coupon-clipping example of how favorable our system is to the very rich; and he also happens to be advocating policies that would greatly benefit people like him, while hurting the poor and the middle class.

PS: Yes, my tax rate is a lot higher than Romney's. And I support policies that would raise it further.

The whole piece here.

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