Friday, February 24, 2012

carrot tops

As I was giving birth to a pot of chicken soup today, I pointed out to Catboxette that I would be using the chlorophyl-rich green top of the carrot.

"Most cooks throw this part away," says I, "but it's one of the most nutritious parts of the carrot -- lots of vitamin A."

"Carrot tops are poisonous," she replies, which began a conversation that ended with a computer search.

"I must have 'em mixed up with rhubarb leaves," she said.

So that round went to me, which is the least I deserved since she beat me at Scrabble™ by 20 points.

In a few minutes we'll be eating food fit for kings but generally consumed by peasants: hot homemade chicken-and-vegetable soup with warm, coarse, home-baked bread. No frozen pizza in this domicile!

Life is good.

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