Saturday, February 18, 2012

civilization and its discount tents

So here's Dr. Oz, talking among other things about the time an insurance company threatened him with a lawsuit for performing an "unauthorized" surgery on a patient, causing that person to live longer and hence require more treatment.

Surely Dr. Oz realizes that it's not the doctor's role to intervene in life or death situations. Such situations involve decision-making, and decisions are up to either God or the insurance company, whichever one gets there first. Then the doctor is supposed to do what the insurance company (or God) decides. Doctors have nothing to do with medical decisions. That's just the modern, progressive, industrial-age way things are.

It's just like, food and health have nothing to do with each other. Food is stuff like Hot Pockets™ and Coco Puffs™ -- you see it on TV and then go buy it and eat it and those hungry feelings go away. Feeding us is the function of the food industry. Health is the optimal condition you enjoy when your doctor prescribes the right pills, which you also see on TV, and maintaining the national health is the function of the health industry.

it's true that there are some subversives and malcontents who go around saying things like there's a relationship between food and health, or that doctors should make procedural decisions rather than the insurance industry. Such people don't understand progress. They fail to see how things are done in the industrial age.

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