Thursday, February 23, 2012

last dump in mesa

The 20th and, I'm told, last of the Republican presidential debates was in Mesa, Arizona last night. So there won't be any more until after the nominating conventions this summer.

Just before it started I checked in at Talking Points Memo for a preview. Their feature pic showed Romney and Cardinal Santorum standing over on the right. Gingrich and Ron Paul were to their left, and standing a few feet into the background, like small potatoes -- graphic evidence that this is now a two-man race.

I don't watch these anachronisms, but I heard Romney was on Santorum like a diaper last night, full of shit and all over his ass.

Also, TPM is reporting that Gingrich and the cardinal are accusing Romney and Ron Paul of colluding, and tag-teaming them.

Talking Points Memo consistently has the most accurate and detailed news of all things Republican.

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