Saturday, February 11, 2012

this is just adios and not good-bye

Ron Paul waved and said good-bye to hundreds of supporters and well-wishers as he stepped aboard an extraterrestrial vehicle piloted by aliens in Nye County, Nevada Saturday night. The libertarian candidate, who runs as a Republican, promised to return within a fortnight, to unveil "dramatic new plans and directions" for the campaign.

It's not exactly clear what Ron Paul is hoping to achieve with his candidacy which is radically different from anything else out there. He's having an impact, but it's hard to gauge how much.

When asked on CNBC Monday night if he would accept a speaking role at the convention, Paul said he'll wait to see what the circumstances are.

"They are not going to give you a primetime spot if you talk about bringing back the gold standard and bringing the troops home," said Paul.

A reporter embedded with the Paul campaign, the AP's Etaoin Shrdlu, said "I don't know about this flying saucer gambit. It looks like the strangest thing he's done since he decided to concentrate on the states that have caucuses rather than primaries, and reach out to Hispanic voters."

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