Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2 far gone

This is something new: dependable righty-tighty pundits attacking a fellow Republican, in this case Pope Santo I, for being too conservative. Ed Kilgore of Washington Monthly reports:

Rick Perry drew fire not for flirting with secession and nullification theories, or for complaining about “lucky ducky” poor folks who didn’t pay taxes—but for expressing sympathy for the children of undocumented workers. Similarly, Newt Gingrich never got attacked for his anti-Muslim demagoguery or his regular descriptions of the president as a “secular-socialist”—but for once professing belief in the climate change “hoax” and criticizing Ronald Reagan.


That’s why it’s very interesting today that two of Mitt’s highest-profile enablers, Matt Drudge and Jennifer Rubin, seem to have broken the seal on a whole new line of attack—on Santorum’s faith-based zaniness.

This is a very newsy article, and worth a read.

It's becoming obvious how this is going to play out. Like the Democrats in 1968, Republican delegates to the convention in Tampa this summer are going to find themselves overridden by the party bosses, and saddled with Romney, a candidate they didn't choose and don't want. That, combined by the confrontation provided by the 99% movement protesters surrounding the convention site should have the delegates shitting little bricks and feeling very unloved. Some might even realize that this is what Jim Kunstler has called the Republicans' "Whig moment."

And as I've said before, it couldn't happen to a more deserving buncha people.

Painting: "The Mussolini Panel" from the mural for the New Workers School, executed by Diego Rivera in 1933.

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