Monday, March 26, 2012

grease trap

So the Senate is scheduled to vote today whether to end the big tax breaks to the petroleum industry.

A majority of Democrats (I'm told) want to end them, but the bill is getting "filibustered" by you-know-who. "Filibuster" is in quotes because it's a fake filibuster; nobody actually has to drag his butt into the well and stand there talking for X number of hours.

The you-know-who's are ably assisted by a number of Democrats who refuse to go along with the rules change that would do away with the ludicrous and preposterous 60-votes-to-end-a-filibuster rule.

This is an object lesson in how the man behind the curtain dupes the American public, many of whom still believe they've got a democracy, when what we actually have is a plutocratic oligarchy dressed up in democracy's clothes.

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