Tuesday, March 13, 2012

speaking of dogpatch...

...there are Republican primaries in the Old Confederacy today, in Mississippi and Alabama, and Speaker Gingrich is licking his chops over both of them. He stands to do well there as he did in his home state of Georgia, but no matter how it turns out he vows not to quit.

"I do not believe the other two candidates can beat Obama and I believe this race is the most important in our lifetime," Gingrich said emphatically. "And I will not leave the field."

I have no disagreement with that statement, and I even understand why Newt sawed Ron Paul's picture off the end of the group photo. Also, it would have been more accurate if he had said "in my lifetime," since it's certainly not the most important election in anybody else's.

Unless, of course, some states decide to secede after Obama is returned to D.C. next year. If that was to happen, Gingrich could step into a job tailor-made made for him: president of the New Confederate States of America. It would be the perfect fit for both his abilities and his liabilities. Georgia could be the first state to have a colony on the moon, and they could name it after Stonewall Jackson (the Civil War general, not the hillbilly singer).

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