Monday, April 09, 2012

...and die behind the wheel...

The foolish dream of a pie-in-the-sky payout is but one of the many devices our rulers use to pry open our pockets and steal our money.

Another is endlessly repeating the blatant whopper that Social Security is insolvent, with the aim of stealing that money. Another is refusing to kick in for health care ("We cheat the other guy and pass the savings on to YOU"). But for right now, let's stick to the lottery.

As I'm writing this, the centrist (translation = "right wing") governor of Pennsylvania is planning to "privatize" his state's lottery, in order to encourage "innovation" and enhanced "cash flow." For those of you have not yet achieved a cynical attitude toward these "folks," that means robbing Pennsylvanians more efficiently, not to mention ruthlessly.

When states start fleecing their humblest and most vulnerable citizens in order to boost revenue, we've hit bottom. And I'll say here and now that this is going to end very badly.

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Joe said...

Lotteries were really big in South America before countries there had their economic collapse a few decades ago. That's the way I remember things, anyway.