Wednesday, April 11, 2012

social insecurity

I was thinking about writing something nasty about Paul Ryan and his budget proposal which was recently approved by the US House of Representatives, but enough other people have done so lately that I'll pass on that.

Still, this is a good time to remind anyone who's drawing Social Security or plans to someday (that would be virtually all of us) that if this "zombie-eyed granny starver" and his running dogs have their way, we'll be out of luck, not to mention money.

As often happens, Atrios expresses my innermost thoughts on this subject better than I could, so I'll let him rap it down for you:

Our Galtian Overlords really do want to destroy Social Security. They have no interest in "reforming it" or "preserving it" or whatever. Some of them are haunted by the visions of someone else's grandmother not living in utter destitution, and others just want to steal the money or make sure rich people never have to pay any taxes again. Some grand bargain of revenue increases and benefit cuts to put it in actuarial balance until time infinity will not stop them from trying to impoverish old people and steal the money.

Once again, Atrios touches on the two main points pertaining to this matter that need to be hammered home:

1. The super-rich believe they should pay no (0) taxes, and

2. They really hate us, and want to see us suffer.

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