Tuesday, April 03, 2012

a whiter shade of palin

So Sarah Palin and Katie Couric are opposite each other on dueling morning TV shows today. It's supposed to be "mean girl smackdown" or some such nonsense, but I don't have a TV so it means nothing to me.

I did watch about 20 web-video seconds of Palin on "Today," however, talking with Matt Lauer, who asked her if she likes Romney. She replied that "Anybody would be better than Obama with these failed socialist policies," so I guess her actual answer is "Not much."

I'm not precisely sure what socialist policies she's referring to, but I presume they would be Social Security, which is completely solvent through 2037 and easily repairable after that, and Medicare, which is in trouble because of George Bush's sweetheart deal with big pharma on Medicare part D. Get rid of that and it'll be manageable.

She might also be referring to the Affordable Care Act, which is not socialist.

If she really wants to compete in that market she ought to forget the politics, which was never her strong suit, and maybe talk about her recipe for cooking up a perfect batch of methamphetamine, and how to make festive potholders out of your husband's old socks.

Illustration schnorred from TBogg@Firedoglake.com

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