Monday, May 21, 2012

everything's wrong, & nuthin ain't right

On a discussion board I frequent, a poster complains that she doesn't know what the 99 percenters want, and tries to find something to focus on:

I want to see *everything* down to their hides taken away from the 'bankers' and 'brokers' who falisfied incomes, etc to write those shaky mortgages. Absolutely! But - I also want the people who applied for those fraudulent mortgages to be held responsible in some way for the papers tehy signed. I am NOT buying it that each and every person gettting into one of those disastrous mortgages was a totally innocent lamb who was led astray and had no idea they were committing fraud.

My only disagreement with her has to do with the need to focus on one problem, and while I can't speak for the occupy movement (nobody can), I believe it's a mistake to address specifics this way. At this stage of the game we need to use a shotgun (metaphorically speaking), not a rifle.

You don't go to the NATO protest to talk about liars' loans.

The liars loans' bubble created an enormous and still largely unresolved mess, but it was only one aspect of the financial meltdown of 2007-08 and the ensuing depression. And the crash and depressed economy are only one facet of the comprehensive economic, political, ethical, and ecological crises we're now stuck in.

The crisis is a nine-headed monster, like the mythological hydra, but it's a single thing that came out of a single egg: the modern industrial capitalist war state.

Some of the people involved with the various 99 percent movements are pro-Obama Democrats looking for reform (and I always say every home should have a liberal, to keep the kids entertained if nothing else). However, I think most of us are not liberals, but revolutionaries whose objective is the total dismantling of the captalist structure of this society and nation, a hydra consisting of corrupt politicians who follow orders given by multinational corporations and bankster buccaneers.

We really don't have attention deficit disorder; there's just a lot going on that demands attention: America as the war machine, endlessly pursuing its capitalist fantasy of controlling the global oil supply, Wall Street being bailed out for the losses it incurred in the meltdown it caused, a government catfood commission trying to monkey-wrench social security and medicare so capitalist elites can vacuum up in tax breaks the money that would otherwise be spent on those things, and possibly the most important issue, the fate of the earth itself, and everything living on it.

To point to abuses is to condemn them; to condemn them is to demand that they stop.

Our objective, in other words, is the utter destruction of this ruling class, whose continued existence is incompatible with the existence of society, or even life on earth. So I think that so far, the best mission statement/program/list of demands the occupy movement can come up with is still this one.

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