Friday, May 04, 2012


It's not exactly news, but earlier in the week Newt Gingrich called off his presidential campaign.

It was a very strange primary season altogether for the Republicans, who began with a crowded field of nine candidates, five of whom emerged leading the pack at one time or another. First it was Michele Bachmann, who opened her mouth thereby depth-charging her candidacy, then Rick Perry, ditto, then Herman Cain who was found to have more money than sense, and finally Gingrich, before the party faithful came around to accepting Mittens as a fait accompli, and their density for 2012.

Newt's run was sort of tragic from the beginning, and reminds one of the brave, bold, and unconventional military campaign of Otto, the Palatine of Kleinlichen-Schwanaufkleber, who in 1818 led his army of 1,500 men against the combined armies of Prussia, Russia, Austria, and Montenegro, numbering over 50,000, at the Battle of Plotz in Moravia.

He was soundly defeated.

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