Wednesday, May 23, 2012

list of charges

Why occupy? In the absence of specific demands, what are the protests about? What are the grievances for which we seek redress?

1. The depression: for the second time in 80 years, the financial sector (Wall Street) descends into a feeding frenzy of speculation which crashes the entire economy, causing millions to lose their jobs -- their only means of material support. Rather than using available resources to help the victims, our elected government bails out the perpetrators.

2. The wars: The capitalist war state, not satisfied with imposing unemployment and foreclosure on the masses at home, continues campaigns of murder and mayhem overseas, in piratical invasions which by design go on forever, sucking up resources which could be used to alleviate the ravages of the depression.

3. The medical-industrial-insurance complex and the education distribution machine: The cost of routine health care is completely out of reach for average wage earners. Instead of addressing the problem, our elected government hands more power to the health insurance "industry" via a bogus health care "reform" program. The higher education necessary to make a decent living is likewise unaffordable for most citizens today, but our elected government chooses to abandon us, leaving our futures to the tender mercies of money lenders running a loan scam, rather than underwriting education.

4. & 5. The fate of the earth: Environmental degradation threatens all life on the planet, a threat our elected government refuses to seriously address due to its Babylonian captivity by multinational corporations, whose methods and techniques of production have caused the crisis.

It's that final item which is the root and origin of all the others, and if we can't have a government that represents us and our interests, rather than representing the corporations which have bribed the governors to represent only them, then we will make this country totally ungovernable.

Revolution now.

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