Wednesday, May 09, 2012

memorail park groc... the name of a corner grocery in Delano, CA.

Some other fun facts to know and share with friends:

Obama changed his mind about gay marriage today in a carefully choreographed decision which, of course, took everyone by surprise.

Fox News commentator-pundit type guy Shepard Smith, who seems karmically destined to play the role of San Miguel in Hell, approved of Obama's words. Will this make him an icky pariah among his peers? Stand by.

Romney is still opposed to same-sex marriage, of course. For some reason, I doubt that he'll re-consider.

There is a widespread belief that we could see the great wall of China from the moon. But the belief is mistaken; we would not be able to see China's wall any more easily than we could see our own houses from the moon, even if we were able to get up there for such a pointless reason as to look.

There is no such thing as a live sardine.

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