Wednesday, May 09, 2012

new days, new ways

So North Carolina yesterday became the 29th state to ban gay marriage, as well as all forms of domestic legal partnership. So be it.

If you happen to live there, and you're gay or lesbian, or any sort of non-conformist or free-spirited person, possessed of some sort of talent, and willing to work, maybe you ought to think about leaving.

You'd be welcome here, and probably lots happier than you are now. As long as you contribute something to your community, nobody cares if you enjoy yourself in your own way.

Just drive, bicycle, or walk west, trending slightly north until you can't go any farther and you'll be here, in Ecotopia. We haven't seceded from the US (yet), but things are definitely different here than they are east of the mountains, and a whole lot better than anyplace I've ever been.

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