Thursday, May 03, 2012

reunited and it feels so good

A stray parakeet in Japan was returned to its owner after telling the police where it lives.

The flyaway bird first landed on a hotel guest's shoulder in the town of Sagamihara, and the traveler turned him over to local police. That was on Sunday. After perching silently as a cathedral in the police station all day Monday, he began chirping on Tuesday.

Piko-Chan, for such is the keet's name, told the cops who he is and that he considers himself pretty, then proceeded to rattle off his address.

Addresses in Japan are approximate, and letter carriers have to memorize the individual residences on numbered streets within named districts, but the bird had been taught the names of the city and district where its owner lives.

"It then produced the home's block and street number as a trio of astonished police officers listened to the now talkative bird," the Agence France Presse story at Yahoo says.

The woman who owns the bird had another beloved parakeet fly away from her never to return, so when she bought Piko-Chan two years ago she taught him to say his address.

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