Thursday, May 31, 2012

smoakey the log

Our Seattle Mariners demolished Texas last night, running up a ridiculous score: 21-8. A big part of this lopsided victory was provided by Justin Smoak, 25, the pride of Goose Creek, South Carolina. Smoakey is a big, strong kid capable of hitting the long ball, and last night he hit two of them, driving in six runs in the process.

Jesus Montero, who has appeared in the space previously, also had a three-run homer, and Kyle Seager hit two doubles and two singles in four trips to the plate.

The Mariners are a very young, inexperienced team, but now showing definite signs that they're packing heavy lumber. They just need to find some consistency, and the right pitching combination. This week they're calling up a kid named Pryor from Tacoma, who reportedly throws 100-mph rockets and can hit a fly's eye at 90 feet.

Led by their no-nonsense and very serious manager Eric Wedge, the M's provide some hope for a city currently going through a tough time, seemingly competing with Detroit for the title of murder capital of the US.

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