Monday, June 11, 2012

he's a bad boy, but i don't care

I was idly flipping through mug shots of people arrested in Mecklenburg County this month, in the Charlotte Observer's site. There are 85 mug shots, merciless in their detail and specificity, and what characters they reveal.

Clicking through an unsorted mass of most types of people you could imagine, male and female, young and old and in-between, multi-racial with blacks somewhat over-represented, though not overwhelmingly so. Some looked sad and mournful, some bewildered, some angry.

They were mostly facing relatively small charges. Driving while impaired was probably the most common, but for second it's a toss-up among small larceny, assault on a female, threatening and/or resisting.

This bad boy was arrested and charged with shooting off a firearm inside the city limits.

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